11/12: Utilizing a Digital Front Door for Pediatric Care

Utilizing Digital Front Door for Pediatric Care

Dr. Vo joins a panel of leading industry experts and HITLAB for an insightful discussion about “Utilizing a Digital Front Door for Pediatric Care” on Thursday, November 12 at 1 pm EST.

Together with Steve Garske Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Sam Bhatia– Medical Director Innovation at SalesForce and Sawad Thotathil– Growth and Solutions AVP, Health Care at Persistent Systems,  we will all be sharing insights on how we can utilize digital front door platforms that can empower both patients and caregivers to be more involved in their care.

Leading health systems are driving this transformation with the use of digital platforms, allows patients to play a greater role in the care continuum.

For the providers, it optimizes how they can deliver care from the point of contact is initiated and data-driven solutions that offer providers tools to improve patient acquisition while guiding both patients and providers through preliminary care management decisions.

Our discussion topics involve:

1. How can Digital Front Door solutions empower both patients and parents/caregivers to be more involved in care?

2. What are some considerations for using Digital Front Door solutions in a pediatric setting?

3. What are the economic benefits of using a Digital Front Door vs. typical in-person patient acquisition practices?

4. How can utilizing the Digital Front Door improve provider efficiency related to engaging both new and existing patients?

5. What are the primary technology components of a Digital Front Door?

6. How are Digital Front Door solutions evolving from custom?

Get a glimpse of outpatient pediatric settings on a digital front strategy that can benefit providers, patients, and families.

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