2019 Convergence Telehealth Summit

In 2019, Dr. Krysti Lan Chi Vo attended the Convergence Telehealth Summit. As a digital health expert, she was a resource on how telehealth will move forward with the integration of powerful sensors to support the rapid development and needs of digital care. She participated in the inaugural Hackathon and developed a chatbot for school mental health screening with her colleagues from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She won 1at place as she presented the idea to the judges and participants.

The conference centered on the shift in the delivery of health care and understanding of the rapid growth of technological innovations in telehealth.
Participants, had an in-depth understanding of the industry direction with the digitally connected care revolution, how the convergence of technologies will impact the healthy population, and be able to mitigate health challenges, and even more importantly how they can begin to create viable models within the current work settings.

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