Dr. Vo Quoted on mHealth Intelligence

An article about “Healthcare Taps into mHealth Lexicon with Conversational Agents” was published last June 23, 2020, by Eric Wicklund in xTelligent Health Care Media.
It talks about how the healthcare industry looking into mHealth to improve both the doctor and patient experience, chatbots just might be the tool that meets everyone’s needs.
The article discussed a long week virtual summit that included a panel discussion with Dr. Krysti Lan Chi Vo. Peter Antall Antall, Chief Medical Officer of AmWell, Nathan Treloar, CEO of Orbita, and Jim Roxburgh, CEO of Banner Health’s Telehealth Network.
As an experienced Digital Health expert, Dr. Vo was quoted in the article saying that the technology can be used by providers to capture notes or pull information into a patient’s record.

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