“We continued our working relationship when she was selected to join the AACAP Council (similar to the APA BOT)… Krysti is tenacious in solving problems and gives new meaning to the term “activism” as she invests the energy necessary to get the job done and done right.

She has strongly advocated for the field as well as the junior colleagues whom she represented with strong advocacy efforts, and her mindfulness of the needs of both her peers and the organization. She never lost sight of the importance of managing our organization and colleagues while never losing the focus on promoting high-quality, accessible healthcare for our patients.

Krysti has the drive and determination to do this hard work and to do it well. This is coupled with a wide spectrum of diverse experiences that make her likely to be a greatly valued and highly successful member of the APA BOT. She has demonstrated her ability to lead and to successfully contribute to the governance of a psychiatric organization. Krysti is clearly one of the young leaders in our field and is well on her way to establishing herself as one of the leaders in her generation of psychiatrists.”

– Bennett Leventhal, MD, DLFAPA, DLFAAACAP, AACAP Treasurer, Professor, University of San Francisco

Dr. Vo is an ideal candidate for the early-career psychiatrist slot on the APA Board of Trustees.. She will be an active and committed member of the Board and help increase the number of early-career psychiatrist members in the APA.

I have known Dr. Vo since she was a resident at Emory. As Chair of the APA Council on Quality Care, I had the pleasure of working with her during her time on the Council while she was an APA fellow. She was an active participant in the Council’s work and took part in various efforts launched by the Council during her time of service.

She has an excellent understanding of the needs of early career psychiatrists in academic, public and private settings. I believe she will serve as an outstanding role model for other early career psychiatrists. Her dedication and passion for solving issues that face practicing psychiatrists are critical for ensuring the APA moves forward in the years ahead to serve the needs of our members and improve the lives of our patients.

– Grayson Norquist, MD, MSPH, APA’s Chair of Council of Quality Care, Chief of Psychiatry, Grady Hospital; Former Chair, PCORI Board and Former Divisions Director NIMH

“I was able to work closely with her. In just eight months, I have observed her to be very skilled and knowledgeable of her area of interest as well as possessing ambitious goals for promoting initiatives that are very relevant to our practice.

As Medical Director of our Telehealth (TH) Program, Dr. Vo developed our TH training module, which was instrumental and timely for training over 200 clinicians during our TH ramp-up stages of COVID-19 in March 2020… Dr. Vo is very detailed oriented. For example, she thoroughly researched regulatory COVID-19 issues for our department and provided well-informed decisions for TH practice.

In summary, as someone who has been involved in the APA and New Jersey District Branch. I am confident she will rise to the occasion and contribute immensely as the APA ECP Trustee to the Board.”

– Consuelo “Chi Chi” Cagande, MD, DFAPA, DFAACAP, ADDPRT member, Senior Education Consultant, APA Assembly Chair of Access to Care Committee, Chief of Division, CHOP; New Jersey Psychiatric Association President Emeritus

“Krysti is a young, energetic and passionate clinician and educator. She devotes her extra time for promotion of equitable health care to all and to advocate for minority groups of APA. She will be an important voice in transformation of APA.”

– Wun Jung Kim, MD, MPH, DLFAPA, DLFAACAP, Professor and Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

“It’s been a real honor to work with Krysti in her role as the American Psychiatric Association’s Assembly Representative of the Caucus of Asian American Psychiatrists. Under her leadership, vision, and focus on active communication with caucus members, we’ve reinvigorated the Asian American Caucus and built a real community.”

-Nhi-Ha Trinh MD MPH. Deputy Representative for Asian American Cacus; Director, Massacchusetts General Hospital (MGH) Department of Psychiatry Center for Diversity

“I came to know Dr. Vo in the last 4 years in her capacity as consultant for telepsychiatry at the American Psychiatric Association. Dr. Vo’s in-depth knowledge of telemedicine and telehealth systems allowed her to be a key collaborative partner in our education and communication efforts. She enthusiastically consults for companies, and has demonstrated excellent leadership skills within our internal workgroups/caucuses at the APA. She is personable, genuine, compassionate, and energetic!”

-Steven Chan MD, MBA, Digital Health & Behavioral Sciences Research, Physician, Palo Alto VA Health, Stanford Psychiatry

“As someone who has devoted his career to work with children and adolescents with Developmental Disabilities, I am very pleased to support
Dr. Vo, who, as an ECP, has become deeply involved in working with this population. Her work with the AACAP Autism and Intellectual Disability
Committee shows her strong commitment to and advocacy for this population. I am sure that she will bring the same energy and determination
to the Board of Directors of the APA.”

-Robert L.P. Klaehn, MD, DFAACAP, Medical Director with Anthem Autism Team

“In the 1 year that Dr. Vo and I worked together at the APA Assembly, Dr. Vo showed great leadership and advocacy for the Asian American Caucus members . She has been very active in communicating to
the membership the newest developments in the Assembly. She would be an excellent ECP Rep.”

-Jesus Ligot, MD., DFAPA, Adjunct Assistant Professor, St. Louis University


“She has an excellent understanding of the problem facing psychiatrists in various settings: academic, public, and private practice. She is dedicated to solving these real issues that are vital in the years ahead and has the expertise to do so.” 

-Dr. Ilia Nikhinson, M.D., Chair of Department of Behavioral Medicine, The Behavioral Wellness Center at Girard, President of the Philadelphia Psychiatric Society.

“Krysti is a great colleague, whose empathetic, very knowledgeable, professional and plays several leadership roles.”

-Dr. Petronella Mbu, MD. Child And Adolescent Psychiatrist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

“Krysti would make a valuable addition to the APA Board of Trustees. Her experience with AACAP and as an APA Assembly representative have prepared her well for this important role. I enthusiastically recommend her for this position.”

-David Cochran, MD, PhD
Medical Director, Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders (CANDO)
Director, Neurobehavioral Technologies Program, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center
Investigator, Child and Adolescent Neurodevelopment Initiative, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center Assistant Professor of Psychiatry University of Massachusetts Medical School

“Hi Krysti, go woman go! Krysti has an enormous amount of creative energy and will make a terrific APA board member. I saw her work directly while both of us served on the Council of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. She brings much professional leadership experience with her. I will definitely vote for Krysti and you should too.”

-Timothy Dugan, M.D.,Adult Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Private Practice, Harvard Faculty Member 


“It has been a pleasure to work with Krysti on improving the care of patients with Autism and Intellectual Disability. Her energy, enthusiasm, and thoroughness have been impressive.”

-Sunil Mehta, M.D.,Ph.D. | Senior Associate Consultant |Departments of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine and Child Psychiatry |Dana Neurodevelopmental Disorders Program | Secretary

“Krysti was one of our highly ranked medical students for our residency program, and we were pleased with her performance at Emory. Clinically, she was passionate about caring for children with autism and developmental disabilities, and proactively sought out opportunities. She worked clinically at the Emory Autism Center, and was involved with research on risperidone in children with autism with Marcus Autism Center.

Krysti has a long track record of advocacy and community engagement. She was the residency’s political correspondent, and in this role, she recruited residents to attend the Georgia Psychiatric Physician Association’s(GPPA) advocacy events, and affiliated organized medical association’s advocacy events. She served as our department’s co-chair for our NAMI Walk partnership, and, in addition, raised over $2000 for NAMI with her personal fundraiser. She was a leader among her class, and served on the board of the GPPA. We are extremely proud, and not surprised, of career progression. I truly believe Krysti will represent APA members well on the Board and advocate for advancement of psychiatry.

-Ann Schwartz, Psychiatry Residency Program Director, Emory Adult Psychiatry, Current AADPRT Treasurer

“Dr. Vo has been a welcome and enthusiastic advocate for the incorporation of technology and video teleconferencing into the practice of psychiatry. The APA needs more leaders with this sort of foresight going forward.”

-Robert Caudill, MD, DFAPA, FATA, Professor at University of Louisville School of Medicine, Residency Training Director Telemedicine and Information Technology Programs


“I have worked with Krysti when we served together on Council at AACAP. Krysti is a dedicated, energetic, and active team member who not only “thinks outside the box,” but she has a skill in creating enthusiasm in others and implementing shared ideas. I have continued to have intermittent contact with Krysti re: our work in collaborative care. This is an area needing not only advocacy, but wider education and implementation by our members. Krysti is well suited to engaging and expanding use of these services, and will be of value to AACAP and APA alike. Be ready to hit the ground running!”


“I am pleased to endorse Krysti Vo for the APA ECP Board. She is clearly a professional  leader of the future  and it has  been a pleasure working with her on telehealth related issues recently. “


-Peter Yellowlees MBBS, MD

Chief Wellness Officer UCD Health

Allan Stoudemire Endowed Professor of Psychiatry

“I have had the opportunity to get to know Dr. Vo during her tenure serving as the Asian American Representative to the APA Assembly’s Area 3 Council. She is a bright, creative and energetic psychiatrist, who is committed to serving the diverse needs of the APA during this period of societal flux. She has a vision about how to serve the APA Board of Trustees (BOT) in a manner that strengthens its functioning so that it is more proactive rather than reactive to  issues that threaten the APA from within and without. Dr. Vo is eager to draw on her formal Board governance training at the University of Pennsylvania, her experience with telemedicine, and her perspective as an early career psychiatrist to position the APA to step up its mission to promote parity and access to care. She is a problem-solver, who is committed to making use of technology to facilitate the highest quality of care for our patients.  Dr. Vo is the right person for the Early Career Representative position on the APA Board of Trustees at this time.”


-Constance E. Dunlap, MD, DFAPA
Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences,
George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Washington Psychiatric Society Assembly Representative,
American Psychiatric Association (Area 3)


“I met Krysti when she was a trainee, and even then, I was impressed with her matured insights about psychiatry and its intersection with technology. I joked with her that she will be on the APA Board one day, and thus, I’m not surprised by her nomination and I fully endorse her. We later worked together on the APA’s Committee on Mental Health Technology, in which she was an active member. Over the years, I have gotten to know Krysti and continue to be impressed with her advancement in her career in digital health and telehealth. Krysti is an entrepreneur in spirit and an academic at heart, and she has an admirable vision to use technology for good, to improve all parts of the clinical experience, staff, clinicians and patients and families.


-Steve Daviss MD DFAPA DABPM
President, Maryland-DC Society of Addiction Medicine
Former Recorder, APA Assembly
Former Chair, APA Committee on Mental Health Information Technology


“Krysti is whip-smart, passionate about doing what’s right, caring, and persistent. Krysti is empathetic to the struggles of minority and marginalized communities, including those with substance use, and understand that criminalization of illicit drug misuse disproportionately affects these communities. 

She turns her energy into contributions in academics,  community, and advocacy. Within the past year, she has collaborated with her fellow APA Assembly members to write statements condemning police brutality, anti-Asian sentiment, and advocated for the APA to evaluate structural racism within the organization. She was a pleasure to mentor on her M.D. with Distinction in Research project when we were both at the University of Texas Southwestern. While working in our lab, Krysti raised over $2000 for a substance use disorder rehab center for women and children. She also dedicates time to talk to legislators to support those with mental illness advocate for themselves through NAMI. She also joined the Texas Society of Psychiatric Physician Advocacy Days to advocate for the expansion of Medicaid and other health care access issues.”


-Bryon Adinoff, M.D., LFAPA, Executive Vice President at Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, Founding Member of the American Association of Addiction Psychiatry


Dr. Vo has a long history (since high school!) of contributing to minority and disadvantaged communities.

I first met Dr. Vo when she was an APA Public Psychiatry Fellow, which is a 2-year program for a selected group of emerging leaders in public psychiatry. During my tenure as Director of the APA/APAF fellowships, I had the privilege of knowing many great residents, and among them, Dr. Vo stood out as exceptional. She is a dedicated leader who continues to be advocate for her constituents and all APA members. During her fellowship, I fondly recall meetings where Dr. Vo thoughtfully expressed APA member/resident concerns AND also gave provided solutions that impressed APA leaders.


I encourage you to vote for Dr. Krysti Vo. She is a strong member, a natural leader and an advocate for all APA members.


-Ranna Parekh, M.D., MPH

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at American College of Cardiology,

Past APA’s Director of Division of Diversity & Health Equity



“Dr. Vo has a lot of grit and courage and stands for what is right. She is a go getter who has and will revolutionize the future of APA!”


Pooja Shah, MD

CAP Fellow, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


Joint Letter of Endorsement Page 1


Joint Letter of Endorsement Page 2








Joint Letter of Endorsement for Telepsychiatry Expert Dr. Krysti Lan Chi Vo to be the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Early Career Psychiatrist (ECP) Board of Trustee (BOT) Member.

Signed by the following: 

Ann Schwartz, MD
Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Emory University School of Medicine Treasurer, AADPRT Treasurer

E. Cabrina Campbell, MD
Professor of Psychiatry, Perelman SOM, University of Pennsylvania Vice Chair of Education, Director, Residency Program

Tami D. Benton, MD, FAACAP, FAAP
Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Chair, DCAPBS, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Associate Professor, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Past AACAP Secretary; Past AADPRT Membership Chair

Frank W. Brown, MD, DFAPA
Chief Medical Officer, Emory Decatur Hospital
Past APA Treasurer, Past President American College of Psychiatrist 

Consuelo “Chi Chi” Cagande, MD, DFAACAP, DFAPA
Chief, Division of Community Care and Wellness, DCAPBS, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Associate Professor, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
APA Assembly, Chair of Access to Care Committee
New Jersey Psychiatric Association President Emeritus

Mark H. Rapaport, MD, DFAPA, DFCINP,
Reunette Harris Chair of the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Chief of Psychiatric Services for Emory Healthcare Systems, APA’s Focus Journal Editor

Wanjiku Njoroge, MD
Fellowship Program Director, DCAPBS, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Assistant Professor, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Robert J. Jaffe, MD
Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Pediatrics Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Amy Kim, MD
Training Director, Post-Pediatric Portal Program, DCAPBS, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Assistant Professor, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania


David Pruitt, DLFAACAP, AACAP Telepsychiatry Co-Chair

Stella Cai, MD, Previous APA’s RFM Board of Trustee

Kishan Nallapula, MBBS, FAPA, President of Northern Florida District Branch 

Ravi Chandra, M.D., DFAPA                                 

Charles Y. Jin, M.D.

John A. Fromson, M.D.

Akeem Marsh, M.D.

Rajinderphal Singh, M.D.

Natasha Marrus, MD, PhD

Richard Ha, DO


Christopher Chamanadjian, M.D.

Nelson M. Handal, M.D., DFAPA

Joshua Bess, M.D.

Abhishek Mehra, M.D., FAPA

Kartiki Churi, M.D.

Henry Balogun, Ph.D

Pankaj Manocha, M.D., MPH

Edmond H. Pi, M.D., DLFAPA

Dan Nguyen, M.D.

Eileen DiFrancesco, M.D.

Takahiro Soda, M.D., PhD. 

Joshua Anthony, M.D., MBA

Uriel Halbreich, M.D.

Yufei Duan, M.D.

Debra Atkisson, M.D.

Danielle Robinson, M.D.

Daniel Cho, M.D., M.P.H.

Yana Yanovskaya, M.D.

Adriana Hermida, M.D.

Joseph Thornton, M.D., DFAPA

Lea Lis, M.D.

Vinh-Son Nguyen, M.D.

Taiwo Babatope, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A. 

Eli Muhrer, M.D.

Charles Nguyen, M.D.

Esteban Lim Jr., MD