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This course provides tools for defining your core values, finding the behavioral path of least resistance to accomplish your goals, and creating rewards for every time your behavior matches your values.


Unlike the 21-days-to-build-a-habit-schema, it’s not choosing a behavior without a plan other than “Just Do It” — which is a recipe for failure.

YouHabits by Krysti Vo, MD | Vo.Care Psychiatry and Behavioral Therapy

Spend real time defining and separating what’s a “You Habit” versus habits you’re told.

Learn not only how to build a small habit that leads to your grand goals, but how to replace the small habits if it’s not working for you with a better, more proactive one.
Define mutual core values in relationships and learn how to support each other.
Learn the cues and rewards that will keep you running on the marathon of small habits that build your grand goals
Evaluate when your core values have shifted so you can match your behaviors to your new goals.

Get a practical guide to creating actionable strategies, empowering you to set achievable goals, create effective cues, and enjoy meaningful rewards.

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From a non-runner to completing the NYC Marathon in 2017

Initially, forming new habits posed a challenge as I lacked a structured routine growing up. But, my running journey, especially training for races like the NYC Marathon, spurred a transformation in my habits.


Committing to running required lifestyle adjustments and overcoming obstacles like a knee injury. I learned that habit formation isn’t solely about motivation but a commitment to consistency.


Improving my routine, using cues and rewards, and seeing habits as a daily commitment, similar to the principles of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, played a crucial role in creating a lasting running schedule.


Despite the initial challenges, prioritizing essential routines facilitated habit transformation. This journey not only impacted my running but also inspired me to create a coaching program focused on effective habit-building strategies.

YouHabits by Krysti Vo, MD | Vo.Care Psychiatry and Behavioral Therapy

What People Say About Dr. Krysti

Mental Health Innovation Zone | Krysti Vo, MD
"Krysti is tenacious in solving problems and gives new meaning to the term “activism” as she invests the energy necessary to get the job done and done right."
Bennett L.
"Krysti is whip-smart, passionate about doing what’s right, caring, and persistent."
Bryon A.
"She is personable, genuine, compassionate, and energetic!"
Steven C.
"Krysti is very detail-oriented, innovative yet practical. She is also a strong advocate for physician wellness and aims to use technology to alleviate administrative burnout for clinical staff."
Ann S.
"I was a little nervous at first but I found the sessions to be very welcoming and not intimidating. Hearing about other people’s experiences has helped me feel less alone in my goals to improve myself. Here I found a safe place to share with others."
Clark B.
"The Adopting Productivity Habits series helped me gain skills in managing my time and attention so that I could focus best on what really matters to me. I highly recommend the series for anyone looking to gain more control of not only their time but matching where they spend their time with their priorities. Dr. Vo’s energy, motivations, and accomplishments guarantee the series is effective!"

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