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May 29, 2024 | 6PM
Join this limited 60-min session and take the first step towards sustainable change and empower yourself to cultivate lasting habits for a healthier and more fulfilling life.
Welcome to Vo.Care Psychiatry and Behavioral Therapy

Vo.Care is a specialized psychiatry and behavioral therapy practice founded and led by Dr. Krysti Vo, a double-board certified psychiatrist with expertise in adult, child, and adolescent psychiatry.


Medication Management


Psychotherapy and Psychiatric Medication Management for Adults

Medication Management

Let's work together to ensure that your psychiatric medications are effective and safe.

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Customized Mental Health Care


Personalized and Evidence-Based Mental Health Treatment

Customized Mental Health Treatment

I tailor my interventiones and support to my patients' specific circumstances to improve outcomes.

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1:1 Coaching for Habit Change


Guidance and Support to Developing Sustainable Habits that Lead to Lasting Change

Habit Coaching Sessions

I also offer habit coaching services designed to help individuals cultivate positive behaviors to achieve their goals and make lasting changes.

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— About Me

I offer help with mental health and habit challenges.

I’m Dr. Krysti Vo, a psychiatrist dedicated to supporting individuals of all ages in managing their mental health and overcoming habit challenges.

Through my practice, Vo.Care, I offer convenient video visits, allowing you to receive assistance from the comfort of your own home. By using technology, I strive to make mental health care accessible to all. 

Together, let’s address your mental health concerns, navigate habit changes, and create lasting positive changes in your life.

Dr. Krysti Vo

About Krysti Vo, MD | Vo.Care Psychiatry and Behavioral Therapy
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