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Dr. Krysti (Lan Chi) Vo, MD

Medical Director of Telehealth for the Department of Psychiatry of Behavioral Health Sciences at the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania (CHOP).

  • Prior to the pandemic, she started 5 new telepsychiatry services within 1.5 years, including securing a partnership with a community mental health clinic.
  • During the pandemic, Dr. Vo led the transition to telehealth services for over 300 staff.

Experienced Board Member 

Furthermore, she has unique expertise in digital health and clinical care. She was a consultant to eClinicalWorks. For APA, she helped to design EHR data extraction for the APA National Registry and the created content for redevelopment of the APA Foundation “Typical or Troubled” program, now called “Notice. Talk. Act.” She also participated in a fellowship with Mount Sinai Innovation Partners. She currently serves on the AACAP’s Health Information Technology Committee and Telepsychiatry Committee, and she previously served on APA’s Council of Quality Care and Committee on Mental Health Technology.

To date, she has received over twenty awards, including from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, APA, AACAP. She was a APA Foundation Public Psychiatry Fellow. She is committed to community psychiatry, and she has integrated telepsychiatry with collaborative care into a new innovative model designed for CHOP’s 32 primary care sites and our community partners.

Dr. Vo is driven to improve the quality of life for patients and their families through combining evidence-based research with technology and design. She has been recognized for her research by both federal agencies and non-profit foundations. Her current research focus is to develop digital health products for suicide risk screening of children and adolescents in primary care settings, and to connect those with suicide risks to mental health care. Currently, she has received support from both the Twilio Impact Fund and CHOP’s Youth Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Research Center.

She gives back to the community and provides educational group events for the general public to destigmatize conversations surrounding mental health and emphasize the importance of mental wellness. Every year on her birthday, Dr.Vo arranges initiatives to raise attention to mental health. This year, she is providing free individual sessions to individuals who call NAMI Philadelphia Hotline for support. 

There’s more to Dr. Vo! Learn more about Dr. Vo’s childhood and personal journey and about the activities Dr. Vo engages in. 

In the meantime, she would love to hear from you, what you care about, and how she can help as ECP BOT.

Dr. Vo Track Record

Education and Training

University of Pennsylvania Impact ED’s DiverseForce on Board Program Formal Training to be on a nonprofit board supported by the William Penn Foundation (Current)

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Leaders in Quality Improvement Training Program (2019)

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (2016-2018)
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinical Fellow Physician

Mount Sinai Innovation Partners (2018)
Fellows Program

Emory University School of Medicine (2013-2016)
Adult Psychiatry Resident Physician, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Emory University Psychoanalytic Institute (2014-2016)
Academic Associate, two year training program 

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School (2009-2013)
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) with Distinction in Research

The University of Texas at Austin (2006-2008)
Bachelor of Science, Human Biology, Public Health Concentration with Business Foundations

Texas Academy of Mathematics & Science (2004-2006) High School Diploma with 2 years of college credits. 



Professional Background:

  • DiverseForce on Board Training Program through University of Pennsylvania ImpactED (Current)
  • Medical Director of Telehealth – Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Services at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (Current)
  • Assistant Professor – University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (Current)
  • Advisor – Dreamit Ventures (Current)
  • Founder and Co-Chair – Mount Sinai innovators Group
  • Consultant – eClinicalWorks
  • Founder – UTSW Dallas- Fort Worth Hepatitis B Free Project

American Psychiatric Association (APA):

  • Assembly Representative for Asian American Caucus (Current)
  • Consistent Annual APA PAC Contributor (Current)
  • Assembly’s Access to Care Committee Member
  • APA Foundation’s Public Psychiatry Fellow
  • APA National Registry, PsychPRO – Consultant
  • APA Foundation’s Typical or Troubled Program – Redevelopment Consultant
  • Council of Quality Care Member
  • Georgia Psychiatric Physician Association Board Member

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP):

  • Regional Council of Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey
    • Executive Committee Member (Current)
    • Early Career Psychiatry Committee Chair (Current)
  • Healthcare Information Technology Committee Member  (Current)
  • Telepsychiatry Committee Member (Current)
  • John E. Schowalter Resident-Fellow-Member on Council (Board of Trustee Member)
  • Medical Student Resident Committee Co-Chair 
  • Quality Issues Consensus Group for Telepsychiatry Policy Update 
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disability Committee Member

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP):


An affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, which provides information and support to people with mental illness, their families, caregivers, and friends.

Dr. Vo volunteers her time in hosting mental health wellness events with NAMI Philly. Her focus is on college and graduate school mental health and she has hosted events for Drexel students and several medical schools in the Northeast. Furthermore, Dr. Vo provides complimentary 1:1 coaching sessions to those who call NAMI Philly for help.

AA hackathon is a marathon software product creation event. At HackPrinceton, participants can look forward to amazing guest speakers, helpful workshops, tons of skilled mentors.

Dr. Vo served as Princeton Hackathon’s mentor and continues to be involved with the hackathon community vibrant community that specializes in teaching, research, service, liberal arts and education.


Who is Dr. Vo?

Experienced Board Member:

National Formal Board Training

Organized Medicine National Level

  • American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Council (Board) Fellow Member 2016-2018
  • American Association of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Board of Directors Fellow Member 2016-2018

Organized Medicine Regional Level

  • Georgia Psychiatric Physician Association Board of Trustee (2012-2013)
  • Regional Council of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Executive Committee Member (Current)

Diversity & Inclusion:

Through the DiverseForce on Board Program, Dr. Vo has received formal training to help organizations to be more culturally-align with the communities they serve. She is comfortable with engaging in dialogues about challenging organizational dynamics and is ready to a change agent for diversity, inclusion and equity. 

Furthermore, she has been an advocate for minority health and policies as APA’s Assembly Representative for the Asian American Caucus. 

Telepsychiatry & Digital Health:

Dr. Vo has given back to the community by speaking on the practice of telepsychiatry at national conferences. She teaches trainees on multiple aspects of telepsychiatry, including a career in telepsychiatry.

Gives Back to APA:

Dr. Vo has been actively engaged with APA on multiple levels. She was an APA Public Psychiatry Fellow as a trainee, served on the Council of Quality, consulted to the APA Registry Team and APA Foundation.

Gives Back to the Community:

Every year for her birthday, Dr. Vo host a month-long campaign to raises awareness and donations for a charity she cares about, and has supported over 14+ charities. Currently, she provides complimentary individual sessions for those who call NAMI Philadelphia Hotline for help.

Digital Health Researcher:

Administrative burden is a major issue for physician burnout. Dr. Vo uses her creative problem-solving to develop digital health products that have impactful clinical solutions, while improving physicians’ satisfaction.

Dr. Vo for APA Board

Dr. Krysti (Lan Chi) Vo headshot for Vo.care

My Track Record

Please note this website is currently under development. Please check back in December 2020 for a comprehensive review of who Dr. Vo is and her vision for APA. In the meantime, she would love to hear how she can help the APA and you. Feel free to follow her on social media.


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    Dr. Vo Helps

    Monthly ECP Peer Support Groups

    What we need from each other is to listen, learn, and offer support in whatever way it feels comfortable. We can discuss a variety of topics such as career, telepsychiatry, work-life balance, case discussion, and minority issues. It will be a safe space to provide each other with practice tips for professional and personal development. If you’re interested, please send me an email in the contact box below and I will send you more information.

    Speak at your Institution or Organization

    Given Dr. Vo’s expertise in telehealth and digital health, she gives back by giving talks to various institutions or organizations (i.e., district branches seminars, grand rounds, evening events) with diverse subjects that strengthen mental wellness. Previous talks include “How to Sustain Telepsychiatry: Operational and Strategies Perspective,” “How a Digital Front Door Solution Can Transform Pediatric Care,” “Conversational Agents: Where is it now and Where it is Going,” “Telemental Health 101: All you need to know,” and “Utilizing a National Curriculum to Teach Trainees about Telepsychiatry.” See more of my talks. Contact me in the contact box below if you are interested.

    Developed Training Programs in Telepsychiatry & Staff

    I developed our CHOP DCAPBS’s Telepsychiatry Staff and Faculty Training Course. 

    • This was developed prior to COVID19 and was used during social distancing to trained over 300 staff to convert to telepsychiatry.

    I can teach YOUR trainees. I help developed the “Pediatric Telepsychiatry” national curriculum for GME and CME, lead by Dr. Sandra DeJong.

    • I also adapted it to the fellowship program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. In the process, I have developed many didactics related to telepsychiatry in integrated care, how to start a telepsychiatry private practice, and any related topics that would give guidance to residents and fellows.
    • This does NOT have to be part of an official didactic schedule and I am willing to discuss with them on evenings and weekends hours. I can coordinate with the chief(s) resident myself. Please contact me in the contact box for more information.

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