My focus is on using advocacy and innovations to address the needs of diverse communities, including issues in healthcare, organization, and access disparity.

Dr. Krysti Lan Chi Vo Psychiatrist Telehealth
I speak up because I believe my nieces deserve equitable opportunities.

I empathizes with the struggles of disadvantaged communities since I am first-generation Vietnamese American immigrant who grew in subsidized housing with medical assistance in middle America, Fort Worth, Texas. The social determinants of health continues to impact my family and community.

  • This upbringing inspired my career in psychiatry and to pursue digital health research to create solutions to access to mental health care for underserved patient populations.
  • This upbringing inspired my career in psychiatry and to pursue digital health research to create solutions to access to mental health care for underserved patient populations.

During medical school, I earned a M.D. with Distinction in Research for my research using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) analysis to predict cocaine relapse.

Philadelphia Inquirer’s Inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Awards Gala with the DiverseForce on Board Training Program.

I have a long track record of building sustainable programs for diverse and underserved communities.

  • In high school, I co-founded “Building Communities for the Future,” a seven-day community service program that included door-to-door survey to understand the predominantly African American community needs, and advocacy for the successful removal of toxic debris of Hurricane Katrina.  
  • In college, climate change inspired my bench lab research in cultivating cyanobacteria for sucrose production for alternative fuel. 
  • During medical school, I learned that underserved communities are overwhelmingly affected by specific diseases, such as hepatitis B. I co-founded the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Hepatitis B Free Project to provide hepatitis B screenings, follow-ups, and vaccinations for at-risk populations in the community.
  • In its first year of development, the team received a Certificate of Recognition from the Commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services. My blueprint for this project proved to be an effective and sustainable model that received numerous grants and an honor from the White House in 2016.

Currently, I provides educational group events for the general public to destigmatize conversations surrounding mental health and emphasize the importance of mental wellness. I also provide complimentary individual sessions for those who call NAMI Philadelphia for help.

Every year for my birthday, I host a month-long campaign to raises mental health awareness and donations for a charity I care about. I have raised over $28,000 and has over 14+ charities. 

What Dr. Vo Has Done


Wrote an article for AACAP Newsletter: “Key Considerations for Telepsychiatry Private Practice” 


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Author of “Covid-19 and AntiAsian Racism”


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Panelist on “Conversational Agents and Telehealth Virtual Visits: Improving Experiences, Efficiency and Outcomes.”


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Dr. Krysti Lan Chi Vo quoted in HealthcareIT News 

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Dr. Krysti Lan Chi Vo quoted at mHealth


Dr. Krysti Lan Chi Vo quoted in mHealth Intelligence 

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Telemental Health


Speaker at Covid-19 Response: Telemental Health 101

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Speaker at the Boston World Congress: 11th Annual mHealth and Telehealth Summit 

Healthcare Organizations have Changed the Paradigm of Healthcare Delivery by using Technology 

Advocate for Equitable Opportunities at Pennsylvania’s Diversity Council’s Women in Leadership Symposium #SpeakUp 

Knowledge-based Perspective on Relevant Issues 

Developed a Chatbot for School Mental Health Screening with Colleagues from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia 

Delivery of Healthcare and Understanding of the Rapid Growth of Technological Innovations in Telehealth

Contributor Author for “Culture, Heritage, and Diversity in Older Adult Mental Health Care” by Maria D. LLorente, M.D., FAPA (APA Council on Geriatric Psychiatry

Psychiatric Illnesses Faced by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in the United States 

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Dr. Vo was a consultant to American Psychiatric Association Foundation’s “Typical or Troubled Program” and worked on the redevelopment of the curriculum.

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