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Hi, my name is Dr. Krysti Vo. Nice to meet you!

I created Vo.Care Psychiatry and Behavioral Therapy so I could provide comprehensive mental health care services to anyone and everyone. From anxiety disorders to ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and developmental disorders, I’m committed to addressing different mental health concerns and empowering you to have the best mental health possible.

Nyc Marathon Finisher

In September 2016, I took on a big challenge: running my first half marathon in NYC. Surprisingly, I ended up participating in nine races within three months and completed the NYC Marathon in 2017. Despite encountering a knee injury during training, I persevered by undergoing physical therapy and adjusting my routine until it worked.

Running the marathon taught me a valuable lesson: it’s not just about reaching the finish line but enjoying the journey. Rather than fixating on my race time, I learned to appreciate the process. This mindset enabled me to finish the marathon injury-free and reinforced the importance of the journey.

Through this experience, I witnessed firsthand how habits can shape our lives. From committing to daily training runs to embracing recovery routines, I saw how small, consistent actions lead to significant change. This fueled my passion for helping others harness the power of habits, ultimately inspiring the creation of YouHabits.

YouHabits by Krysti Vo, MD | Vo.Care Psychiatry and Behavioral Therapy

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