Build habits to create the life you've always wanted.

Learn how to create habits that finally stick! You'll be equipped with tools and strategies that offer a path with the least behavioral resistance. Create healthy routines, achieve your goals, and live the life you've always wanted.
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What You'll Learn

8 Weeks to Creating Productive & Sustainable Habits

Build Habits that Align with Your Values
Identify your values and commit to consistent behaviors that align with them for easier change.
Shape Positive Habits, Strengthen Bonds
Explore wins and losses, understanding behavior's impact on life and relationships.
Craft Habits through Targeted Behavior
Learn the art of defining and shaping targeted behavior to drive lasting change.
Use the Impact-Effort Matrix
Adopt habit loops for sustainable, rewarding behaviors. Learn to use the Impact-Effort Matrix.
Turn SMART Goals into SMART Habits
Discover the SMART method: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound habits.
Build Your Support System
We discuss the option of seeking professional support to help you achieve your behavioral goals.
Develop Effective Habit Tracking Skills
Understand the significance of regular habit tracking to evaluate your journey's advancement.
Gather Data and Make Informed Changes
Gain insight as to why data collection is key in a Habit Loop. Optimize adjustments based on data gathered.
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Week 6
Week 7
Week 8

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

— John C. Maxwell
We often repeat the same actions every day because our brains are accustomed to doing things we've done a lot in the past. To change this, we have to consciously make an effort to tweak old habits to make new ones.
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— Why did I create YouHabits?

YouHabits was created because I took on a big challenge: running my first half marathon in NYC.

Surprisingly, I ended up participating in nine races within three months and completed the NYC Marathon in 2017. Despite encountering a knee injury during training, I persevered by undergoing physical therapy and adjusting my routine until it worked.

Running the marathon taught me a valuable lesson: it’s not just about reaching the finish line but enjoying the journey. Rather than fixating on my race time, I learned to appreciate the process. This mindset enabled me to finish the marathon injury-free and reinforced the importance of the journey.

Through this experience, I witnessed firsthand how habits can shape our lives. From committing to daily training runs to embracing recovery routines, I saw how small, consistent actions lead to significant change. This fueled my passion for helping others harness the power of habits, ultimately inspiring the creation of YouHabits.

Dr. Krysti Vo

YouHabits by Krysti Vo, MD | Vo.Care Psychiatry and Behavioral Therapy
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Why is it so hard to change your habits?

Our Brains Don't Want to Change

Our brains get used to doing certain things repeatedly, like a groove in a road. These habits become automatic, so we do them without really thinking. Changing them means redoing the road, which takes time and effort.

We Like Being in Our Comfort Zone

Habits feel cozy, even if they’re not good for us. Trying to change them can feel like leaving a warm bed on a cold morning – uncomfortable and tough to stick with.

We Don't Understand How Habits Work

Lots of habits kick in automatically because of things around us, like a certain smell or seeing a particular place. Recognizing and dealing with these triggers is key to changing habits successfully.

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