Wine and Psych is a podcast by Dr. Krysti Vo – a Mentally Fit Millennial, Advocate and Psychiatrist, Navigating Life, Love and All Things.

#MentalFitness Episode by Episode

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Episode 1: Growing up Asian with Anne Lee

Episode 2: Fierce, Filipino and Finding Stride with Kevo Rivera

Episode 3: Dating During COVID and other scary tales with May Cho

Episode 4: Surviving Kids and COVID with Mary Feng

Episode 5: I Am Who I Am, Aren’t I? with Michael Wong

Episode 6: Everybody was Kung Foo Fighting with Solomon Brenner

Episode 7: Look Up, It’s A Bamboo Ceiling with Edgar DeGuia

Episode 8: Parenting Through Depression, Grief and a Pandemic with Morgan Solomon

Episode 9: Medicine, Musician, Military, Mental Health with Dr. Steven Bradley

Episode 10: Matchmaking for Mental Health with Thao-Nguyen Le

Episode 11: Misdiagnosed and More with Preston Canavan

Episode 12: Your Mental and more with Paris Prynkiewicz

Episode 13: It’s different for everyone … with Dr. Stephen Dansiger