Taking Flight! Master the DISC Styles to Transform Your Career, Your Relationships

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Taking Flight reveals profound hidden patterns of human behavioral style, offers a blueprint for deeper self-awareness, helps you maximize your own personal strengths, and shows how to influence others more powerfully than ever. You’ll learn how to use the proven DISC four-style model of behavior to become a far more effective leader, salesperson, or teacher… revitalize any career… build better relationships… fully leverage your natural gifts, as you empower those around you. If you haven’t yet been introduced to DISC, it will change your life―just as it has for millions before you. Discover:

  • Why you “click” with some people and “clank” with others
  • What really drives your decisions and actions
  • How to identify others’ behavioral styles and choose the best ways to interact with them
  • How to craft a personal plan for maximizing your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses

Drawing on their immense experience coaching executives and training world-class organizations, Merrick Rosenberg and Daniel Silvert introduce DISC through a fable that’s quick, fun, and easy-to-understand. Once you’ve mastered the basic concepts, they help you put DISC to work in all your own personal interactions and relationships. You’ll walk through creating a personal action plan for improvement―and then systematically supercharging your personal performance!


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