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Culture, Heritage, and Diversity in Older Adult Mental Health Care

Culture, Heritage, and Diversity in Older Adult Mental Health care is a book released by Maria Llorente, MD, FAPA in November 2017. The book talks about how clinicians prepare to provide sensitive, high-quality, culturally competent care to geriatric patients from diverse backgrounds and will prove indispensable as patient demographics continue to change. Dr. Krysti Lan […]

2019 Convergence Telehealth Summit

In 2019, Dr. Krysti Lan Chi Vo attended the Convergence Telehealth Summit. As a digital health expert, she was a resource on how telehealth will move forward with the integration of powerful sensors to support the rapid development and needs of digital care. She participated in the inaugural Hackathon and developed a chatbot for school […]

#SpeakUp 2019 Women’s Leadership Symposium

We all know how Dr. Krysti Lan Chi Vo has been an expert in digital health and online psychiatry but she also supported the 2019 Women’s Leadership Symposium by attending the #SpeakUp event to enlarge her understanding with a border range of conceptions on topics discussed. The theme for last year’s event was about Standing […]

Aspen Idea: Health Fellow

The Aspen Ideas: Health Fellows are a diverse group of global leaders who are selected for their work, accomplishments, and ability to transform ideas into action.Health Fellows like Dr. Krysti Lan Chi Vo were conscientiously selected and recognized for their work, accomplishments, and ability to transform ideas into action.Held last June 2019, Dr. Vo has […]

Boston World Congress: 11th Annual mHealth and Telehealth Summit

Together with thought leaders from across the country, Dr. Krysti Lan Chi Vo joined the11th Annual mHealth and Telehealth World Summit in Boston last July 2019 to talk about how top health care organizations strategically incorporate telehealth into their clinical workflows to deliver accessible and high-quality care. It was an opportunity for Dr. Vo to […]

BioData World West

The presence of leaders in data strategies for R&D, healthcare, genomics, and artificial intelligence gathered together last October 2019 for the BioData World West.It was held at Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa in San Diego California, with 800+ attendees and 200+ industry speakers. Participants witnessed biodata start-ups showcase their technology to healthcare and various […]

Telepsychiatry: Expanding Access to Mental Care

In an in-depth discussion over podcasts, Dr. Krysti Lan Chi Vo was invited last January 2020’s episode of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Primary Care Perspective series to talk about Telepsychiatry: Expanding Access to Mental Care.Dr. Vo provided statistics that helped the listeners understand the shortage of available practicing child and adolescent psychiatrists in the […]

Covid-19 Response: Telemental Health 101

Thru the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) Dr. Krysti Lan Chi Vo joined Tania Malik, JD, Co-Founder, and CEO of Virtual Medical Group, and Robert Caudill MD, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Louisville School of Medicine as they gave a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals and best practices of telemental health including regulatory policies and technical […]

Dr. Vo Quoted on mHealth Intelligence

An article about “Healthcare Taps into mHealth Lexicon with Conversational Agents” was published last June 23, 2020, by Eric Wicklund in xTelligent Health Care Media.It talks about how the healthcare industry looking into mHealth to improve both the doctor and patient experience, chatbots just might be the tool that meets everyone’s needs.The article discussed a […]

Dr. Vo Quoted in HealthcareIT News

Screeners, Navigators and Nudgers: The Future of Conversational AI in Healthcare was an article published in HealthcareITNews by Kat Jercich last June 23, 2020Dr. Krysti Lan Chi Vo was featured saying “When developing and implementing conversational agents for healthcare, we want to look at the workflow for the patient and the workflow for the clinician […]