Book a 10-Minute Free Intro Using Luminello

Finding the right clinician for your mental health needs is crucial for a successful therapeutic journey. Dr. Vo offers a 10-minute free introductory session to help prospective patients explore whether the therapeutic relationship will be a good fit.

To streamline the process and ensure efficient communication, Dr. Vo usesLuminello, a secure, cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform. We will guide you through the simple steps to book your free intro session using Luminello.

Step 1: Access the Luminello Platform

To begin, visit the Vo.Care Luminello Profile website at The platform provides a secure and convenient way to connect with Dr. Vo and request a consultation.

Step 2: Request a Consultation

Navigate to the “Request a Consultation” section. This is where you can initiate the process of booking your free introductory session with Dr. Vo. Click on the designated button to proceed.

Step 3: Review the Disclaimer

It is important to read and understand the disclaimer provided on the website. The disclaimer outlines the purpose of the consultation request form and emphasizes that it is not intended for emergencies. If you are experiencing a medical or psychiatric emergency, please call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room for immediate assistance.

Step 4: Complete the Consultation Request Form

Fill out the consultation request form thoughtfully and accurately. This information will help Dr. Vo gather essential clinical details about you and ensure that she has a comprehensive understanding of your needs. The form may include pre-screening questions related to your mental health concerns.

Step 5: Enter Credit Card Information

To secure your consultation appointment, you will be required to enter your credit card information. Rest assured that this information is handled securely and with the utmost confidentiality. The card will not be charged for the 10-minute free intro session, but it is required to reserve your appointment.

Step 6: Book Your Appointment

Once you have submitted the consultation request form and provided your credit card information, you are all set to book your appointment. Luminello provides access to Dr. Vo’s calendar, allowing you to select a suitable time for your free introductory session. Choose a time that works best for you and confirm the appointment.

Why is it necessary to book appointments through Luminello?

By using this secure and HIPAA-compliant platform, you can ensure that your information remains protected throughout the consultation process.

Remember, Dr. Vo is dedicated to helping you explore whether their services align with your needs, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity. Start your journey towards improved mental well-being today by booking your free intro session with Dr. Vo through Luminello.

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