Benefits of a Morning Routine

TL;DR Start your day with the good vibes and habits you need to be like the 92 percent of successful people with a morning routine.

Sometimes, the most wonderful feeling is hitting snooze on your alarm clock and sleeping just a few more minutes with your fluffy pillow. But 92 percent of successful people, according to the Harvard Business Review, have a morning routine that can determine how your whole day goes.

After all, how do you feel on those mornings when your hair is still wet, you struggle to find your car keys, and you have to run back home because you forgot to walk your dog? A little organization and a few extra minutes to wake up can fix that.

You Have a Head Start

Don’t rush! Start your day with a cup of coffee, a healthy breakfast, and your phone or notebook to plan the rest of your day. You may also start your day with an apple and yoga or planning before heading to the gym to workout and shower. See the next tip. 🙂

Get Active

Boost your productivity by starting the day with endorphins. Morning exercise doesn’t need to take long; you can do stretches, a short walk, or a 15-minute workout routine. Working out in the morning will also help you get better sleep at night. A study showed that people who exercise in the morning get more sleep than those who exercise later in the day.

Include Self-Care in Your Mornings

What better way to start the day than with the right mindset? It all starts with a block of time for morning activities. Pick ones where you feel in the moment such as meditation, playing with your dog, or cooking homemade, healthy pancakes. You may also have a morning skin ritual that makes your skin and life feel nicer.

The important thing is to block time for morning joy, whatever that activity is for you.

Fuel Properly

Breakfast is your most important meal. With the right fuel, we can accomplish more things in the morning and throughout the day. Having a healthy meal leads to a more productive day; after all, it is always better to work on a full stomach.

When you know you have enough time for breakfast, it lessens the stress of your morning. You can prepare a balanced breakfast without rushing and take your time eating slowly and not worried about being late for work. 

Taking care of your body is your main priority, and no matter how the day goes, when you are in the right mindset and your body is in good shape, you can handle it better.

Reduce Stress

A good start to your day should reduce stress, at least not add any. Knowing the things that need to be done gives you a sense of direction. This helps you tackle the day ahead more efficiently.

Scrambling throughout the day thinking about what you should be doing first will only cause you anxiety and stress. For instance, an hour and a half time frame before work can include  a 15-minute self-care activity, a 15-minute workout, a half an hour to make and eat breakfast, and 30 minutes to shower and get ready for the day.

We cannot avoid stress daily, but being able to control your day helps you make better choices and boost productivity with less worry and more finished work.

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