Dr. Vo Quoted on mHealth Intelligence

An article about “Healthcare Taps into mHealth Lexicon with Conversational Agents” was published last June 23, 2020, by Eric Wicklund in xTelligent Health Care Media.It talks about how the healthcare industry looking into mHealth to improve both the doctor and patient experience, chatbots just might be the tool that meets everyone’s needs.The article discussed a […]

Dr. Vo Quoted in HealthcareIT News

Screeners, Navigators and Nudgers: The Future of Conversational AI in Healthcare was an article published in HealthcareITNews by Kat Jercich last June 23, 2020Dr. Krysti Lan Chi Vo was featured saying “When developing and implementing conversational agents for healthcare, we want to look at the workflow for the patient and the workflow for the clinician […]

Dr. Vo speaks at “Going Digital Behavioral Health”

Behavioral Health Tech conducted a virtual summit, “Going Digital Behavioral Heath,” for a cause last June 2020.  Proceeds of the said event went to the National Council for Behavioral Health’s Covid-19 relief fund to support the behavioral health providers in need in the frontlines. Policymakers, health plans, health systems, and telehealth providers came together in […]

11/18: Kedren Lecture Series: “How the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Ramped Up on Telehealth and Strategies to Sustain Telehealth”

Kedren Lecture Series brings you a discussion on “How the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) ramped up on Telehealth and Strategies to Sustain Telehealth” on Wednesday, November 18, 2020, from 12 pm to 1 pm (PST). Dr. Krysti Vo Medical Director of Telehealth at CHOP herself will lead the discussion about the topic. Learn from […]

11/18: Regional Council of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of Eastern Pennsylvania & Southern New Jersey Telemedicine Conference

As the Medical Director of Telehealth at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Dr. Vo will be speaking on November 18, 2020, Wednesday at 7 pm EST, at the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’s Regional Council of Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey’s Telemedicine Conference. The conference will include distinguished speakers, Dr. Vera Feuer, […]

11/17: Protecting the Health of Future Physicians

On November 17 at 8 pm EST, Dr. Vo together with Orchid, Amy Federer of NAMI Philadelphia, Clara Kiely of NAMI NYC, and Kamal Gulati a 2nd-year Medical Student at Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University will hold a wellness event about the career path of a Child Adolescent Psychiatrist & various Mental […]

Sunday Series: Break Bad Habits & Adapt Habits for Productivity

Sunday Series: Break Bad Habits & Adapt Habits for Productivity

Join Dr. Vo for a structured presentation and facilitated group discussion on the current science and theory of changing behavior and explore real-life examples of how to interrupt unhealthy habits to move to new productive habits. The avoidance of our daily stressors could lead us to do many time-consuming and unproductive behaviors, such as tech […]

11/12: Utilizing a Digital Front Door for Pediatric Care

Utilizing Digital Front Door for Pediatric Care

Dr. Vo joins a panel of leading industry experts and HITLAB for an insightful discussion about “Utilizing a Digital Front Door for Pediatric Care” on Thursday, November 12 at 1 pm EST. Together with Steve Garske Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Sam Bhatia– Medical Director Innovation […]