COVID-19 and Anti-Asian Racism

The article entitled “COVID-19 and Anti-Asian Racism” authored by Dr. Krysti Lan Chi Vo and published on the American Psychiatric Association’s website addresses the increase in anti-Asian activity and racism during the COVID-19 pandemic. She highlights several concerning incidents and statistics, shedding light on the impact of discrimination on Asian Americans.

The article mentions an incident where an Asian American family was stabbed because they were mistakenly believed to be Chinese and carriers of the coronavirus. It also references an FBI analysis that listed the incident as a hate crime and warned about the rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans. As society reopens and disinformation about the pandemic continues to spread, the article suggests that the increase in anti-Asian activity is likely to persist.

Dr. Vo discusses how Asian Americans, including healthcare workers, face additional risks during the pandemic, such as physical and verbal assaults. She also highlights the Stop AAPI Hate online tracker, managed by Asian American interest organizations, which recorded over 1,700 anti-Asian incidents during stay-at-home orders. It mentions that civil rights violations and discrimination in the workplace accounted for a significant portion of these incidents. Children and the elderly were reported to be the most vulnerable groups affected by anti-Asian racism.

Furthermore, Dr.Vo mentions the discrimination faced by Asian American healthcare workers, who represent a significant proportion of physicians and nurse practitioners in the United States. Despite their crucial role in responding to the pandemic and risking their own health, these healthcare professionals face questions about their origins and requests from patients to be cared for by someone “not from China.”

There’s also the issue of the spread of hate and disinformation online, exacerbating the impact of the pandemic. Research by the Network Contagion Research Institute found a rise in derogatory terms for Chinese people and conspiracy theories linking Asians to the coronavirus. Such misinformation can seep into mainstream discourse and potentially lead to violence, writes Dr. Vo.

Moreover, she acknowledges that disinformation can also circulate within the Asian community, fueled by fear and anxiety. In the article, she emphasizes the importance of correcting remarks that perpetuate bias and hate and calls on parents, educators, employers, community leaders, and individuals to take a stand against racial bias and discrimination.

Conclusion COVID-19 and Anti-Asian Racism

Overall, Dr. Vo emphasizes the need to combat disinformation, condemn racism, and support diverse communities during this global crisis. It calls for collaboration among elected leaders to address the issue effectively and highlights the importance of historical lessons that discourage scapegoating and misdirected blame.

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